My Life

My name is Mack Ottens. I’m 15 years old and from upstate New York.
I’ve created this purely for the sake of ending the horrifying amount of boredom I have encountered. I always have something to do, school wise, but my own procrastination and utter lazy ness usually changes my field of view on doing the work. You may be thinking: “Wow, another lazy ass”. Yet you have no idea who I am to judge me for that. I’m on High Honor Roll. Didn’t see that coming now did we? I’m extremely “smart”. “Smart” is, in my opinion, a generally loose term to describe someone. The amount of common sense I’ve acquired through the event in my life have shaped me to be who I am today. I may be 15, but mentally, my age is much older. Many people think I’m quite comical. I enjoy to make people laugh. I do Cross Country, Track, Volleyball,  Triathlons, and hopefully soon I can begin Boxing. Life is extremely exciting to me. I often find myself lost in the thoughts of what happens after one passes on, but it helps me live in the moment. To me, you should not regret anything. Things happen for a reason so no matter what you did, or who you did for that matter, has happened and is over with, so live on. My father always worked night shift, so I never got to see him. My parents divorced when I was around 8 or so. My dad moved from place to place, (the change of scenery I enjoyed). Remember, I live in upstate New York. My father recently moved to a town called “Homosassa” Florida. Yes that is the real name. He moved down there to be with “The love of his life”. They got together down there and lived with each other. I came to visit for all of July. My father unjustly lost his job so money was tight. We went to the beach quite often because it was close. The day before my birthday, (July 30th) we found ourselves packing his items into his Pontiac G6. Him and his fiance had broken up for good. Luckily, my cousins live a short hour away so we went there. I went back to NY on August 1st. Since then, my father HSS found himself on the other coast of Florida, with a job in printing. He has always loved printing. His job pays pretty well and he is begining to love life once again. Now you may think that me telling you all this would be way to personal. But you’re incorrect, because I’m quite proud of the fact that throughout my life, very many bad things have happened, but I’ve been able to handle it. Its the reason I’m so “smart”. I’ve coped with these devastating events by just listening to music. I’m not trying to act like my life is horrible. Because I know that somewhere, someone is dealing with something far worse than I ever will. That’s enough for today. Follow me or whatever you call it!



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