The way I feel.

About 4 months ago I got 2 weeks or so of odd feelings. I hated the world. Everything seemed stupid too me. I was a douche to everyone for absolutely no reason. I was convinced it being a form of depression because it runs in the family. I told my mother and of course she told my sister and told my father. I felt like a loser. I hid in a hoodie all day every day. Then, like a bird swooping up a fish, it was gone. I felt normal again. Happy as can be.

Its back. It started earlier today, at around 3.. Its 8 now. Its not as bad but I know it will be in the morning. I’m ready to hide in my sweatshirt. Cut off from the world. Surviving in my bubble of darkness. I know, or at least I hope, that it wont last as long as last time. I put my headphones in and am refusing to listen to the depressing music my body craves. Instead I’ll listen to happy music..or something that will keep my mind off everything.

Now this feeling of darkness, could just be s figment of my imagination, or it could be real as the breath in my lungs. Regardless I feel as if I should wrote it on here. I have 0 followers I’m pretty sure. And like 3 views. So I’m pretty sure in the fact that this will most likely not be read, and instead left in the dust from the other more relevant, and exciting stories on WordPress. But if remarkably, someone does awkwardly fall upon my story, I would like you to know, that no, I’m not going to kill my self or harm myself. I am just depressed. And it will go away. Thank you for reading this.



2 thoughts on “The way I feel.

  1. Dear One,
    I am so sorry you are depressed. I suffered from clinical depression for years due to the location of my brain tumor. Now that it has been removed, my depression is gone……well, mostly. Everyone gets depressed over some things, but it is not like the black bit of extreme depression. You are not alone and you are not forgotten. I write a popular Christian Encouragement blog and I think God had me read your post for a reason. I think He wanted to tell you that you are not alone. He cares and I do too.

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