Life with OCD.

Hey everyone! This is a short post about OCD. I have minor OCD and felt like you all should know what its like if you don’t have it. First of all, I have MINOR. Minor is not Major. So mine isn’t that bad, but still bugs me.

Soooo what is OCD? OCD is “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” which means that you obsessively compulsivley do something. Some people need everything to be even. My girlfriend has major OCS and everything she looks at has to be even. If she can’t get it to be even, she goes nuts. Sometimes even crys. Its a horrible thing to watch.

My OCD is quite peculiar. I, for some reason, have to do everything in a rhythm. I constantly tap my feet to the same beat. When at school, it takes me 5 minutes to unlock my locker. It takes this long because I have to turn it a certain amount of times to the rhythm inside my head.
Also, sometimes I have to touch everything. When in Home Depot or Lowes, I HAVE to run my hands on the shelves as I walk by. If I dont feel it it bugs me.

The strangest thing of all about my rhythm OCD, is the fact that if I’m listening to music, it goes away. I rarely listen to music at school, but if I do, opening my locker is extremely easy.

Aside from the fact that it CAN drive me crazy, I do not really suffer from my OCD. I actually find it quite cool. I can tap my feet to almost every rhythm on the first try…even if I’ve never heard of before. If I hear the beginning I can do most of the song without really messing up.

I hope you enjoyed this! Follow me, and as always, comment!!!!!



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